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Old School Classics: An Education in Hip Hop/50 Joints that define an era

01-1.intro - the underground dj network.mp3            

02-2.let the rhythm hit 'em - eric b. & rakim              

03-3.peter piper - run dmc.mp3                                

04-4.mama said knock you out - ll cool j.mp3            

05-5.the choice is yours - black sheep.mp3                

06 -6.bring the noise - public enemy.mp3                  

07-7.mona lisa - slick rick.mp3                                 

08-8.walk this way - run dmc.mp3                            

09-9.king of the beats - mantronix.mp3                      

10-10.fight the power - public enemy.mp3                

11-11.something for the radio - biz markie.mp3        

12-12.follow the leader - eric b. & rakim.mp3          

13-13.beats to the rhyme - run dmc.mp3                  

14-14.the 900 number - the 45 king.mp3                 

15-15.r.a.w. - big daddy kane.mp3                          

16-16.say no go - de la soul.mp3                             

17-17.the humpty dance - digital underground.mp3  

18-18.freaks come out at night - whodini.mp3          

19-19.the magic number - de la soul.mp3                  

20-20.push it - salt n pepa.mp3                                 

21-21.set it off - daddy kane.mp3                            

22-22.don't scandalize mine - sugar bear.mp3          

23-23.get on the dancefloor - rob base.mp3            

24-24.travelling at the speed - ultramagnetic mc's.mp3  

25-25.wild thing - tone loc.mp3                                

26-26.know how - young mc.mp3                            

27-27.apache - tjhe incredible bongo band.mp3      

28-28.back by dope demand - king bee.mp3          

29-29.it takes two - rob base & dj e.z. rock.mp3    

30-30.get loose now - the 2 live crew.mp3              

31-31.treat 'em right - chubb rock.mp3                    

31-31.treat 'em right - chubb rock.mp3                    

33-33.rapper's delight - the sugarhill gang.mp3        

34-34.straight outta compton - nwa.mp3                  

35-35.fuck compton - tim dog.mp3                          

36-36.hip hop junkies - nice & smooth.mp3            

37-37.the message - grandmaster flash.mp3            

38-38.king of rock - run dmc.mp3                          

39-39.rock the balls - ll cool j.mp3                          

40-40.so whatcha sayin' - empd.mp3                      

41-41.psk (what does it mean) - schooly d.mp3      

42-42.rebel without a pause - public enemy.mp3    

43-43.can i kick it - a tribe called quest.mp3            

44-44.the bridge- mc shan.mp3                              

45-45.the show - doug e. fresh.mp3                        

46-46.top billin' - audio two.mp3                            

47-47.eric b. is president - eric b. &rakim.mp3        

48-48.south bronx - krs-one.mp3                            

50-50.talkin' all the jazz - stetasonic.mp3                

51-51.planet funk - afrika bambataa.mp3                

52-52.outro - the underground dj network.mp3      

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